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Super Hero Movies

I must say, growing up reading comic books I was more a DC fan. But Marvel (now with the added backing of Disney) is killing it at the box office. With everything that comes out from Marvel, the best DC can do is Ben Affleck as Batman? Are you fucking kidding me? Did anyone see Daredevil? DC better get its head out of its ass.


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Now we know who is really responsible for global warming!

Now we know who is really responsible for global warming!

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If you look up classic fool in the dictionary, you will see my picture most certainly.


LeMans, 1976.

I think the year is 1966. I see a ton of Porsche’s (908s I think) and there is a Ford GT40 (behind and to the right of the 27 car) which I believe the rules change after the 1969 win pretty much outlawed. Great shot though of the start of the race!

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That feeling you get that there is a subtle yet well coordinated conspiracy against you, and yet you have no proof. Just that empty pit in your stomach that keeps you looking over your shoulder more often than not.

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Has anyone been to the Richmond, VA area anywhere in that area? Will be there for a few days and looking for places to take photos.

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